Friday, January 30, 2009

there they are!

as many of you know, The Waiting Kind started in the studio this week! it is going so well! i cannot wait to hear the completed record! i'm writing this post to tell you to watch them live in the's quite fun to watch...

happy, happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


you have to watch this! i promise it will make your day...

Monday, January 26, 2009

ode to Derek.

warning: this will be a cheezzzy post.

my husband turned 23 last Friday, the 23rd. his golden birthday! for the next few months, i will enjoy only being 3 and a half years older than him. i could write a very, very long blog about Derek...but to save myself from too many eye rolls and yawns, i am only going to list ten of my favorite things about this amazing, dashing man of mine.

1. he speaks truth in love.
2. he is full of kindness and faithfulness.
3. he encourages me, and others, daily.
4. his humility (pay no attention to that statement D :)).
5. he is determined, disciplined, and motivated in his dreams.
6. his songwriting.
7. he treats his mother, and mine, like precious gold.
8. his laugh makes me laugh which makes him laugh and then we laugh and laugh.
9. his hair and handsome face. awwww.
10. the way he loves me.

sometimes i write songs about people, and when i perform them, i don't think about why i wrote it or what the meaning is...and then there are other times i write songs and perform them, and while i'm performing i cannot stop thinking about the meaning behind the words. this is one of the meaningful ones i wrote for Derek a few months back - i couldn't describe what he is to me in a deeper way than this simple chorus:

"love of my life
sweet as the morning sky,
are you, are you,
love of my life
all i do is sigh
for you, for you."

happy birthday, darling. i love you incredibly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we make things.

so, Derek and i set out yesterday to buy some decor for our little abode. we found a few things at Urban that we are enjoying. we then contemplated going to some antique shops or attempting a do-it-yourself project we've been wanting to do for a month or so. after discussing for 1.2 minutes, the project it was.

i purchased these great decals in December and realllly wanted to put them we started with an idea. we went to Lowe's - bought a piece of wood and some teal paint - but apparently Lowe's didn't have the right saw to cut the wood??? c'mon Lowe's! sooo, Derek had an idea - keep the piece as is, paint it, add decals, and some random little pieces of wood and paint them grey. i can't say i was all for it at first...ok, i thought it was an awful idea. however, he began to explain in more detail and i started to understand it just might be brilliant..."what the heck, lets!" i said.

we had fun making our first do-it-yourself project! for lack of a better name it is a: hanging/painting/decal/wall thing. this hangs by our front door and above our new dining table we just bought yesterday as well! hurray for not eating standing up or on the couch anymore! oh, and mostly hurray for my husband's great ideas! the finished work is above.

(well, we think it is never know, we could add things...)