Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new indeed.

Last week I started my 6th year teaching music - 6th?! I'm old...which reminds me that one of my favorite parts of the first day of school is having the kids guess how old I am. The answers this year were anywhere from 10 to 42. Close. I am so excited for this year. I feel incredibly privileged to teach at my school. That being said, some changes are accompanying this year for the Henbests...

Derek and I moved to Nampa a few weeks ago. I know, what?! We already miss Boise but we could not pass up the amazing deal we were given. A wonderful family who live in Alaska for 9 months of the year and Namps for the other 3 asked Derek and I to rent their huge, wonderful house for almost nothing...so we said yes of course! The biggest issue in the move is this: I went from a 10 minute commute to work to a 45-50 minute commute. The school I teach at couldn't be farther away from the house we are in. It's comical really. However, other than waking up at 5:45, I'm fine with it. I have actually been enjoying the drive...listening to some great tunes (lots of Carney, The Waiting Kind, Madi Diaz, and Broken Social Scene lately) and talking with God.

Derek quit his job on worship staff at Capital Christian Center to pursue his dream (and my dream for him). Derek's band, The Waiting Kind, signed a 3 year contract with a booking/management agency (Faith Artist Agency) a few months ago. Whoa. Faith Artist Agency is truly an incredible agency and we are in very good hands. TWK takes to the road for their first tour tomorrow! You can imagine how excited we are! God has opened door after door after door - it has been laughable. Now, obviously I'm not going - 6th year teaching remember? That will be the hard part - not seeing my man for weeks at a time...but I cannot describe to you how much peace I have. I believe Derek and I will grow in our relationship, even when we are apart. I also believe both Derek and myself will grow in our relationship with our Lord and Savior. Also! How wonderful is it that I am a teacher?! On my breaks I will be able to tour with them which will be wonderful. Oh man, I can't wait.

As my dashing man said it so perfectly the other day - "I've never had to have this much faith. I've never felt so blessed."

Sidenote for our friends and family: thank you to all of you who have been SO very supportive! We feel your love and prayers daily and appreciate them so much. The Waiting Kind would LOVE to see you out on the road...go to www.thewaitingkind.com for tour dates and more information! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you.