Saturday, December 20, 2008

our Top.

this morning, Derek and i were discussing our top albums and top shows of 2008....thought we'd share...some are more of his favorites, some are more mine - but we compromised...

Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
In Rainbows - Radiohead
Some People Have Real Problems - Sia
She & Him: Volume 1 - She & Him
Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst

Brandi Carlile/A Fine Frenzy
Eisley/Vedera/The Myriad
Mute Math
Wilco/The Fleet Foxes
Built to Spill
Jeremy Enigk/Kris Doty

i am sure there are plenty of albums and shows we are forgetting but no going back now. here are our Top.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Molly Brown Wilson

my parents brown lab....but really mine too. i lived with my folks the first 3 years of Molly's life. she loves me. and i love her. it is amazing how much a dog can comfort you...i remember a few times when i didn't want to speak with anyone - i would go cry on Molly...i'm being completely serious here. and she always knew something was wrong, always. i miss seeing her every day...i even miss waking up to a wet nose in the face in the mornings. one of my favorite things is when she gets realllly excited, she spins around in a circle really fast - anywhere from 4 to 15 times. it is quite hilarious. she has grown up with my neice Addison, they were born a few weeks apart - and they are best buds. Molly has always been so kind to Addie and plays with her often. Molly loves Derek...he always plays with her when we are at my folks.

i guess i am writing this because i spent some quality time at my parents house last night...and got to hang with Molls...and realized how much i love that sweet, cuddly, needy, excited puppy dog.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the Happy Henbests on their Happiest Day!


we had the priviledge of having our great friend, Josh, take our engagement and wedding pictures. we are thrilled at how they turned out! he truly is incredible to work with...we would (and will) recommend him to anyone! anyway...Josh put some of our pics up on his blog so i thought for those of you who haven't gotten the secret and password to view all 500 (don't cry...ha), you might want to go check a few of them out.

cheers to Josh!

Monday, December 8, 2008


the past few weeks have been interesting for me. i've finally been realizing how much my life has job, new husband (whom i adore), new church, new home. no, my 'change' does not even compare to those who have moved far away from family and friends, or those who have lost someone recently, but still, it's my change (if that makes sense?).

this change has made me really contemplate the meaning of 'home.' often people ask, "where is home for you?" hmmmmm. a few months ago i would have said it was my parents home - the house i have cherished for the past 10 years. this week, i am beginning to realize that home can be anywhere with anyone. some of you are seriously wondering how i just figured this out...but i'm on my own figuring-things-out time line ok? :) my parents house is still and always will be 'home' to me...but these are a few other times/places/happenings that have felt like 'home' recently:

--my best friend from high school flew up from Georgia to surprise me at my wedding - we just hugged and cried. that felt like home.
--my folks prayed with Derek and i at my dad's church, Bethel Naz, a few weeks back. this was an amazing 'home' experience for me. Bethel will always be a home to me.
--first Sundays are like home - every first Sunday of the month my dad's side of the fam gets together for dinner. love these loud, loud gatherings of beloved people.
--spending time with my best friends.
--knocking at my bro and sis's door...crouching down cause i know my lovely neice Addie will run into my arms when the door is opened (or i will have to chase her down...ha).
--grandma's house. other grandma and grandpa's house. always home. always.
--our new hip little apartment is starting to feel a lot like home (and Christmas right now - yippeeee).
--my loving, patient, amazing husband is home (and playing music with him makes it more sweet).

i could go on but you get the idea. i know this is such a simple concept but it has seemed so big to me lately. i'm glad i am finally realizing what home is to makes those wonderful things just that much more wonderful.