Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the best birthday. the best year.

26. hmmmm. 26. i am officially this age now. 4 years older than my darling fiance. a few days ago i was only 3 years older than him, now i'm 4. so be it! 26 - what a lovely number!

i woke up yesterday (the day of my birth) and had oatmeal with my folks. this is a regular morning routine in our house, but yesterday the oatmeal tasted a little better and i appreciated the company more than ever. i am so blessed to have an incredible mom and dad. they truly are incredible. sigh.

i then drove to Meridian (which is also very much routine...but one i don't mind, not one bit) to see my fiance. my loving, fantastic, handsome, wonderful fiance! we then drove to a meeting at the Renaissance apartments - toured them, picked one, put a security deposit down - and we officially have an apartment as of September the 1st! thank you Shane and Kirst for recommending them! we think our apartment is adorable...it really is.

Derek took me to lunch and we spent some quality time with his folks. Bob and Sandy, the almost in-laws. the funny thing is, i cannot wait for them to be my in-laws. they are amazing people and i love them dearly. my love grew for them yesterday.

we then drove to Namps and went bowling with my fam! this is the 2nd year i've requested bowling for my birthday, i think it will be an annual event. ok, doesn't Derek know that you are supposed to let the birthday gal win??!!!! for goodness sake! he beat us all...gladly i might add. he claims he was getting back at me cause he can't beat me in ping pong...ha ha ha ha ha ha. no, but seriously, he can't. yessssssss.

after bowling, we went back to my house and had tacos - one of my favorite meals of all time. and cheers to my amazing mother who made me gluten free dairy free brownies and bought dairy free ice cream so i could have dessert!!! she is so sweet. oh, and i opened gifts...yeah for shopping money and fun things! we finished the night with a few rounds of telephone pictionary. phew - what a glorious day!

on my birthday i always think of how blessed i truly am. i don't deserve these amazing blessings God has given me - thank you! i thought i would end this sappy, way-too-long post with a few reasons why this year will be the best year:

1. i become a wife! an actual wife.
2. Derek and i move in together...after we are married of course...but i cannot tell you excited i am to have a boy roommate...oh, and one i love dearly.
3. i start teaching music again at Rolling Hills Public Charter School in Boise - praise be!
4. sissy will have a baby boy - my nephew!!!!! (hopefully not AT my wedding...ha)
5. in-laws!
6. watching my favorite niece grow and say adorable things like, "Tee Tee, why are you taking so late?"
7. my new ep will come out!!!

so many reasons to be thankful! love to all who read this...you mean so much to me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

everybody! - "haaaaaaaaaaaaavvvveeee patience, have patience..."

...don't be in such a hurry...when you get impatient you only start to worry. remember, remember, that God is patient too, and think of all the times when others stopped to wait for you."

most of us know and love this song. i sang it to a friend a few years back - he needed patience...he was annoyed, but it was worth it (he might have been annoyed mostly because not only did i break out in this song, his parents did as well...serenaded by all). my dear friend Jamie told me this morning that she sang it just the other day! what a wonderful little song that has stuck with me...and many others.

Derek called me a few weeks ago and said, "KATIE! Psalty goes to my church!" trying not to freak out, i asked him a few questions to be sure that this man was truly the voice i had grown to love during my childhood years (oh, and still love). wellll, it really is true! people, the voice of Psalty the song book goes to Capital Christian Center - i saw him with my own eyes! no, he wasn't in a big blue hymnal costume. Derek pointed him out to me at the church's 4th of July picnic - he encouraged me to go meet him. i sat there for quite a while thinking about what i would say...."oh my gosh, i love you...i mean, i grew up loving your voice as Psalty and all your songs and...." you can see why i chose not to meet him. i know i would've acted absolutely ridiculous. but now i regret it. i went on Psalty's (i'm sure he does have a real name) website and it sure is him! wonderful!

this just became one of my goals for the summer: to meet Psalty! i'll probably skip shaking his hand and just give him a big hug.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

on a happy, non-circulation note.

last night:

God and Country Rally.
people - lots of people.
shaved ice - yessssssssssssssss.
dancing with Addy.
being tackled by Addy.
watching fireworks next to my love, with Addy on my lap and my fam around me - seriously, one of my favorite moments in a while. gosh, i love times like these.


circulation smirculation.

it will be 106 degrees today in Namps. currently i am spending some quality time with my space heater at work. "WHAT?!"...you say? let me explain. the air conditioning at Pioneer Title hates me. it thinks that when the sun peeks through the front windows (ok, sometimes it blazes through...but still) it must be 120 degrees in the building, right? so it turns on full blast - trying to bring the temperature down to freezing level. and it succeeds, every time. and i complain most days. everyone laughs now. "look at the girl with the goosebumps in summer." if they only knew what it was like to have zero circulation.

you know when 100 degree weather has been heating up your car all day and you dread getting into it? well, i can honestly say i enjoy it. in fact i usually don't turn on the AC for at least five minutes (there are exceptions to this...like last 4th of July, when it felt like 150 degrees, ya, that is an exception).

Derek is hot most of the time. i am cold most of the time. great combination. when he isn't looking, i turn off the AC in the car - and not even a minute later he says, "ugh, it's hot in here!" - and realizes i have turned it off... and then it's back on and so are the goosebumps. i think Derek and i need to find a bed with a temperature control on each half...or, better yet follow the example of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball? hmmmmm.

(i don't really know why i wrote this blog...probably because at least 10 people a day ask why i'm using a heater in hottt weather...and it always makes me laugh).