Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my sweet grandparents.

when i get up the courage and emotion i will write a blog about my grandma and grandpa. my grandma passed away about a week ago and my grandpa isn't expected to make it through today. until i write on these dear ones who have meant the world to me, i will direct you to my sister's blog. she writes about grandma and her experience with the grieving process. i couldn't have said it better, sis.

sidenote: you might shed a tear or two.

Monday, November 1, 2010


as indicated in my last post, we love Mad Men. because of this new found love, we decided to try and be Don and Betty Draper (emphasis on try). the suit we had picked out for Derek to wear ending up looking way too modern so he threw together another Mad Men-ish outfit which looks like a cross between a Mad Men character and a beatnik. it's cool. we went to a party at Ric and Joanna Shewell's and it was oh so fun. here are a few pics.