Thursday, September 23, 2010


just a few of my fall favorites. all of these pieces via

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

David Bazan.

sorry for the mini photos...courtesy of my iphone. this is David Bazan. for those of you who don't listen to this incredible songwriter, he is the genius behind Pedro the Lion and Headphones. he is now touring as David Bazan.

the first time i saw Bazan perform was with Pedro the Lion about 8 years ago i think? i do remember that up until that point in my life his show was one of the most wonderful things my ears had ever heard and eyes had ever seen live. to say that i became a fan instantly is an understatement. i own almost every record he has ever made between his 3 projects. i have studied his lyrics for hours...trying to piece together a story or trying to understand what in the world he could possibly mean by this or that. one thing is for certain, Bazan is quite the lyricist. i had the privilege of seeing him live this last Friday night (for the 8th time). what an interesting man. you can sure tell he's been through some crazy stuff and although i don't agree with some of what he has to say, i am intrigued by his conclusions on life and love and religion. the performance last Friday was wonderful, as usual. i belted along to "Indian Summer," swayed to "Options," and danced to "Bless This Mess."

thank you, David Bazan, for writing great music. for being vulnerable and real but not compromising creativity and true art. music needs much, much more of that.