Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weekending and love.

perks of being a teacher: sometimes you get 3 or 4 day weekends (and the whole summer, but that is not that point :)). well, this last weekend i had a 3-day weekend but only because i took a personal day. my husband's band, The Waiting Kind, had a show in American Falls on Sunday night and i wanted to go. this gal doesn't get to go on tour with them so i was excited to be able to travel with them to this show. they played at a high school auditorium which was super hip. about 500 peeps showed up. the set of Annie was on stage so Luke Caldwell arranged it to make for a pretty sweet concert set. both Esterlyn and The Waiting Kind did a fantastic job. the crowd was very responsive. i love listening to people sing the songs my husband has written. God has truly gifted that man. it was a fantastic show. oh! AND, the green room they had us in had a huge wardrobe full of costumes for their theatre productions. so what did we do? of course we tried stuff on! which was very fun, until i came out of said giant closet in this incredible fur coat (pictured below) with a sweet sword dating back to Medieval times... aaaaand a guy who worked there was standing in the room. that was a bit awkward. both m'huz and me wanted to take home half of the clothes in the wardrobe. what does that say about us? not really sure yet. but i am sure that i am now on the hunt for a huge faux fur coat similar to the one i tried on...i may have already found it.

we got back in to town around 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning and i slept in...until 9:00. hey, that's good for me. i surprised my adorable niece and took her and my sis to lunch for V-day. after that i went home to my dashing man and we had a dance party, ate artichoke dip and chocolate, and watched Breaking Bad (so now we have Mad Men and Breaking Bad to love). what an amazing Valentines Day.

i love music and love and weekends and chocolate.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Civil Wars. Barton Hollow.

if you haven't already purchased this record, you should. Joy William's achingly beautiful vocals. John Paul White's great folk voice and fantastic musicality. Charlie Peacock as producer -- this man is always collaborating on a genius record or five. being a fan of the three people mentioned, i assumed this record would be fantastic. and it is, folks.