Tuesday, April 13, 2010


if you have a heart for adoption, read this.


also, check out his music. he writes some great tunes.

Monday, April 12, 2010


this list could be very long but here are just a few artists that have been inspiring me lately. some new records, some old.

Monday, April 5, 2010

We Could Be Happy.

new song...played for the first time last Wednesday at my NNU show. and, before i go on, cheers to Two Girls who opened for me. i thoroughly enjoyed your set!

writing music is truly one of the greatest pleasures. i adore it. those who know me well and have been to my shows the past year know that my writing continues to change and i believe it has developed. i have finally found my sound. my songwriting journey is a long one so if you'd like to know the story in it's entirety, just ask! lately, i've been writing about people. mostly people i know well, some i do not. people inspire me. here is my new song/story...i hope you can picture it like a movie.

We Could Be Happy

verse 1:
All the answers floating in the air
All the heartache waving to despair
In the morning you will pass me by
But I will wait, I'll wait for you to try
Oh, when will you see that I am the girl for you

verse 2:
In the warm sun skies begin to grey
And the flowers all begin to fade
On the doorstep you will stop and sigh
But I will stay, I'll stay another night
Oh, when will you see that I am the girl for you

You are all I have, you're all I have
You are all I see, you're all I see
Oh, don't you see, don't you see
We could be so happy

verse 3:
Past the meadow out into the light
We will wander in eachother's eyes
To the old house set upon a hill
And we will write, we'll write about the thrill
Oh, when will you see that I am the girl for you

Backward and forward the time races on
Moving and pacing, stumbling upon
Another world where my heart isn't worn
Take me and place me in love evermore

--it is so much fun to play! added excitement: me and some hip video dudes will be making this song or Sweet as the Morning Sky into a music video - we are going to start shooting in a few weeks!