Friday, October 31, 2008

Disneyland could tell we were crafty people, so they asked us to carve this pumpkin on the spot, and we said yes.

truth is my husband and i aren't exactly the best pumpkin carvers in the world - we did get ONE vote in a carving contest this year - we think the person may have been drugged? nonetheless, i wish we were back here for this Halloween day. here's to the happiest place on earth!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

lessons, all sorts.

what i have learned this week.

--to watch the musical i am going to show my drama/theater class (even if i've seen it a hundred times...memory fails too often) before showing it to them. the rated G's made in the 1950's love cuss words and booze.
--sometimes i really do need to find a happy place after day this week it consisted of coloring and listening to Death Cab. sigh.
--1st graders really don't know how to sit and stay.
--every once and a while i will start to write a really great song, and then i realize i am fully ripping Norah Jones off. sorry Norah. no more.
--i deserve a vintage Gibson Hummingbird (Derek :))
--political rants get realllly old after the 540,897th day of hearing them.
--my husband is a gem. i learned that a long time ago, but i believe it more each day.
--change is good, and stinks, and is good.
--i need to have more faith.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

cheers Derek Webb!

i've been listening to Derek Webb's Mockingbird album a lot this week. i have truly enjoyed trying to understand the lyrics of this album since it came out a while back...he expresses so many strong opinions. the song i have enjoyed this week is A King & A Kingdom. although i'm unsure what to think about the lyrics of this song in its entirety, i think the chorus is very well written - and perfect for all that is going on in the world/economy/election....

"my first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man
my first allegiance is not to democracy or blood
it's to a king & a kingdom"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Warriner cuts hair.

i wish i had a picture of him to show you. he is one of the most adorable first graders i have ever seen. blonde bowl cut, big blue eyes. he is so quirky, funny, and trouble for sure. you know, one of those children that you can't help but love, but they drive you crazy 80% of the time? well, Warriner was sent to the principal's office a few weeks ago....

Warriner: walks up to the principal - "my teacher told me to give you this."
he was carrying a white piece of paper - on one half of the paper there was a clump of blonde hair taped to the page, labeled Warriner's hair - on the other half of the paper was a clump of brown hair, labeled Heather's hair. my principal, Vicki, said she told Warriner to hold on for just a second while she grabbed something out of her office...but really she went in her office and cried laughing. when Vicki came out she asked Warriner why he had cut his, and Heather's hair. completely calm and casual, Warriner replies, "well, i needed a haircut and Heather needed to be more handsome."

these are a few things Warriner has said to me this week:
Monday: he walks into my class and immediately sings, "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, i smell my music teacher." eh. :)
Tuesday: i was wearing a headband wrap thing. he walks in, looks at me, "hey, you look like an Indian."
Thursday: i'm in the middle of talking about composers - he raises his hand.
W: "isn't there a moderato in music?"
me: "yes, there actually is. how did you know that word?"
W: "well teacher, i'm just a really smart guy."

what a little gem.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

we have a nephew! yes, that's we.

well, i'm glad i was patient enough to wait 8 days for my sissy to blog about baby Rhett before i did. it was hard to wait that long folks. Derek and i are proud proud proud to have a nephew...and one with the coolest name known. we have been voting for the name Rhett all along...partly because there is this cool indie band from Seattle and the drummer's name is Rhett...and well, we fell in love with the name (the drummer is good though).

there are few things in life that beat holding my newborn niece/nephew. this beautiful baby boy - whose mom is my sister, but also my best friend on this planet. what an indescribable feeling! i'm already convincing Rhett that his aunt "TeeTee" is his favorite...he will know in time. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maliboomer. or whatever it's called.

well, it's true. i am a married woman! it's like i crossed the threshold from being a child/lady/gal to being a woman - i know that is not the case because legally i have been an adult for a while...but still, it's just how i feel...or i felt, until i went to family tacos last Sunday and sat at the kid table - i will never tire of that beloved kid table! i guess i'm still a kid. yesssssssss. on a more serious note, being married is amazing. some nights i feel like i should probably head home (as in my parent's house) cause it's getting late...and then Derek and i realize i don't have to go! wonderful! i love him more right now than i ever have, with such a deeper love.

we are trying to get cozied into our apartment...for some reason i thought this would only take a few days. nah. we have presents everywhere - my kitchen stuff does not fit into my kitchen so there is 20% counter space right now - we have unpacked boxes (all mine, of course) - and so on. i truly love organizing so at least that is good! we are having fun. :) oh, AND i made my first 7 day menu last night...with the help of Jonzi - thank the Lord for that amazing mother of mine! she is an amazing cook - i hope to follow that example. for our first family meal i am breaking in the crock pot and cooking chicken, potatoes, and carrots (don't tell Derek about the carrots :)). i'm excited to cook!

i guess the title of this blog is about the i'll go there now. Derek and i went to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Universal Studios on our! i love roller coasters, so does Derek. the only ride i don't like...wait, i theme parks, are the rides that shoot you up in the air (into the heavens i am convinced) and drop you to your death. not a slow, gentle that makes your stomach go into your throat. i will not ride these rides. it seems that every time i am at a theme park, i get literally dragged onto one. my honeymoon was not any different. Derek really really wanted to go on the Maliboomer - note: in the picture, it is the tallest ride - sooo, after days of nagging (love you D :)) i agreed to go with him once - ONCE! i hated every second of that minute long ride. i think Derek was expecting me to scream - i didn't - not even a little - i just gripped the bars as hard as i could and had on the most ridiculous mad face of all time i am sure. Derek's observation post-Maliboomer - "wow, you really do hate those rides." yep.

the honeymoon (one minute of the Maliboomer excluded) was incredible. we were two 20 something year old kids running around like 4 year olds, loving every second. cheers to being a happy Henbest!