Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sweet as the morning sky.

ok, so a few people have requested i post the words to one of my newer tunes..."sweet as the morning sky." i start by saying that these words aren't deep, nor are they meant to be. i was simply writing a song about my dashing man and the words just came. it's one of my favorites to play live.

verse 1:
there was a time when i was sure
doubt and love were one
that starry night, that old, old town
memories undone
then you came and filled my heart dear
words can pray to tell
of love so wonderful, so sweet of
how i fell for you

love of my life
sweet as the morning sky, are you, are you
love of my life
all i do is sigh, for you, for you

verse 2:
flowers growing in the yard
birdies sing our tune
a brick cottage, an old, old town
a bright red balloon
oh the love that fills my heart dear
words cannot express
your vest, your smile, your gentle voice
our love will stand the test

Monday, February 15, 2010

"all you need is love"

the past week has literally felt like a month in length. so many important many different emotions. i will share one of them with you.

Derek and i were so excited to get into our first home. we had been praying and praying for the right home, and knew it was an important decision. after making 3 offers that did not go through we made a 4th - and our offer was accepted! we began to make arrangements to get out of our apartment lease and prepare to have a home of our own. the inspection was supposed to happen today and then we would have closed on it in a week's time. we have been a bit confused through this process because there have been so many open doors and closed doors - we would have enjoyed one or the other really. but sometimes things don't work that way. what seems perfect might be the wrong decision. Derek and i pulled our offer on the house on Friday for many reasons that i won't get in to. it was an emotional decision for us for a few reasons:
1. we had grown to love this house and were excited to have our own place
2. the 8,000 tax credit - options are endless
3. investing money into something
4. many i can't think of right now

yesterday was Valentine's day. i spent it with the love of my life. we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, had romantic pizza (but the best romantic pizza ever), slept in, went to coffee, talked about love, hope, and life. it was truly incredible. i was reminded of God's love. his endless love...the love that wants the best for us. He has a perfect plan for Derek and i.

as i right this i am listening to my sweet man write a new worship song. a few of the lines are resonating in my soul - "Savior of the world you hold my gaze. You've taken all my words to sing Your praise." He loves us. i love Him. i love Derek. i love my life.

"all you need is love."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


this is in the mail on it's way to me! isn't it lovely???