Wednesday, June 25, 2008

free spirit.


lady: "you know what Katie, i never thought you would get married. you have always been such a free spirit i didn't think you would settle down...i'm very excited for you, just surprised you are getting married."
me: "thank you?"

i have played this conversation over in my mind a few too many, i realized i am reading into it. what the lady said is a compliment. i am glad she thinks of me as a free spirit.

to be quite honest, there have been times in my life i didn't think i would get married either...just ask Derek :). even a year ago i wasn't sure about the marriage thing. i mean, seriously, spending the rest of your life with one person?? wow. i've been known to be non-committal (everyone who knows laugh here).

i played a show at Capital Christian Center 2 years ago (on June the 28th...don't ask me why i remember that)...i watched this hot worship rocker dude lead worship before my show. after, he helped me carry my gear out to the car. we are getting married in 3 months and i couldn't be more excited. "he is my best" (statement inspired by Addy).

you know, i can still be a free spirit and a wife. yes, yes i can.

(sappy entry, i know...feel free to roll your eyes while reading) :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

things i learned in Texas (Texy, Texarse).

i flew to Texas last Thursday morning for my friend Reagan's wedding. the wedding, reception, and the bride were gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking. i had a wonderful time. i did learn a few things i would like to share with you...

--don't bother taking a shower, the humidity reverses the affect of one.
--you can judge Billy Bob's Bar and Grill by it's name, but it is a place full of fun (and your judgements would probably be correct).
--bull riding IN a restaurant - check.
--this is the second time i've been to Texy...i have yet to see a man riding a horse down the street...John Wayne is a liar?
--they don't really like my nickname for their beloved state, Texy.
--it is a big, no, it is a huge deal whether you graduated from Texas Tech or Texas A&M University. i cannot count how many jokes i heard about these two colleges. the wedding dj played 3 fight songs (at the reception!) to represent the bride and groom - BSU, Texas Tech, ATM. ATM's fight song was of course played last and the majority (about 90%) of the room got on the dance floor, locked arms, sang the fight song at the top of their lungs, did the fight dance....did i mention it was the longest fight song i have ever heard? i wasn't even a little annoyed - quite entertained actually.
--one woman in Dallas has a bigger wedding ring than all the women in Idaho combined!
--ok, most women have enormous wedding rings. enormous. enormous.
--490 mph winds constantly, bring it on.
--nice, friendly people. yep!
--DFW airport is huge and scary and it is easy to get lost driving there, or around there, or through there.
--there are breathtaking subdivisions in Dallas and Fort Worth!
--although great times were had, i saw lovely things and places and meet fantastic people...Ben Gibbard said it well, "i can't see why you'd want to live here."

Gob Bless Texy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's a.....!

i am mostly writing this blog to tell how cute my sister is...and she is cuttte!

last night i headed over to my bro and sis's house at 8:00 for a baby revealing party - yes, a baby revealing party. to be completely honest i was a bit skeptical about this event...wasn't sure if people were going to be excited or thinking, "this is a little much." my cute sister made cupcakes for everyone. she put baby bottles in the middle of 7 cupcakes - 4 of one color and 3 of another (pink and blue of course). if there were more pink than blue bottles - it was a girl...and vice versa. sis gave the signal to start and the eating began...never before in my adult life have i seen people eat cupcakes so fast. it was loud and hilarious. in a few minutes, 3 pink and 3 blue bottles had been now we were looking for the final, definitive bottle! at this point, my mom was picking up cupcakes and not eating, but tearing them open! Aaron was the one who had the last bottle....and he took his sweet time enjoying his cupcake (knowing very well he had the final bottle...also knowing that we all might kill him soon if he didn't spit it out and show us the color). he did take the bottle out of his mouth - and it was BLUE!!!!! my brother-in-law could not stop smiling...wonderful!

i am going to have a nephew in October! what a fun, new adventure this will be...baseballs, vests, trucks, dirt (oh wait...Addie already looooves dirt), cons, and hopefully NOT getting sprayed in the face while changing diapers. gosh i'm excited!

of course you aren't as excited as me and i don't expect you to be. i simply wanted to share my sister's cute idea and the fantastic outcome!

***Kristin if you read this, you should comment cause i cannot find your blog anywhere and you know i want to put you on my 'people i like who blog' - ! :)