Tuesday, December 7, 2010

marvelous things.

well, there are so many things i could write about this month. the deaths of my grandparents. the ever changing lives of the Henbests. the holidays. music. love. school. emotion. grief. turmoil. but the truth is, i don't want to write about any of them right now. ok? ok. instead, i would like to focus on a few marvelous things i have inherited as of late.

--my grandpa Lewis willed me his collection of records...a few hundred strong. after all, there really is no other way to listen to Bing at Christmas time.

--my grandma's shoes. i received a lovely collection of shoes, jewelry, and dishes...hence the milk glass picture at the top. i inherited all of her milk glass collection (about 30 pieces) - and real milk glass at that. if you know me, you know this excites me so!

--from m'man's great aunt Rae (whose nephew is Johnny Horton, by the way...which also makes him my cousin, somehow) we inherited this incredible couch. it was an antique when she bought it and she is 86. also, it is in mint condition. unheard of! there is also a chair that goes with it. we also received an adorable table and chairs with every kind of fabric you could imagine on them. quirky. just my style.

i titled this post "marvelous things" for obvious reasons, but also, Eisley was just in town. this must have been my 6th or 7th time to see them. i adore those gals, and their song "marvelous things" gets me every time.

cheers to you!