Friday, November 25, 2011

from classy to zombie.

well, the last two years of Halloween costumes couldn't be more different. i really do enjoy dressing up for Halloween...the mister, not so much - BUT, i have successfully gotten him to dress up for two years now! good job me!

Halloween 2010, we decided on Mad Men. we absolutely love the show so it just made sense. we were going to go as Don and Betty Draper but it ended up being more like Betty Draper and her beatnik boyfriend. plus, we didn't really have to dress up that much - we wear these clothes anyway....cheating, i know.

...cut to Halloween 2011. what costume can you come up with in a matter of a few hours? why, hipster zombies of course.

here we are in our hipster zombie glory.

some wonderful friends and myself Halloween partyin' on Harrison Boulevard.

got home and realized i should have been Beetle Juice...maybe next year...