Thursday, March 22, 2012

a colorful classroom.

as most of you know, i started teaching at a new school this year...and boy do i love it!  like most first-year charter schools, we are in portables this year.  i have a wonderful portable for my music room!  it has so much space and i have grown to love my portable.  a few weeks ago, we got the exciting news that construction was going to start on our new school building!  it has been so fun to see the progress day by day!  the new school building will be directly behind the portables we are in now.  that being said, i have been searching for new things to buy for my music room.  it is a lot of fun to decorate a music room!  the challenge is always this: how to keep it fun and kid-friendly, and still add my own style to the room.  

here are a few things that i am loving right now...i hope to buy a few of these to help make my classroom fun and hip!  

colorful binder clips! via here.

DOMUS bookends! via here.

Gameboy erasers! via here.

Minimal Wooden Desk Organizer! via here.

Poppin tape dispenser!  via here.

Voice One Loudspeaker! via here.

Black and White Polka Dotted Washi Tape!  via here.

i am sure i will continue to find wonderful things that my classroom "needs."  i will post more as i find them!  thank you for listening!  i am on spring break as of yesterday so i am off to have a bit o' fun!  cheers to you and yours!

sidenote 1:  starting today, Treefort Music Fest begins!!!  Boise is putting on a new, emerging artist festival for the next 4 days!  Good job, Boise.  so excited.

sidenote 2:  Hunger Games midnight premiere!  YESSSSSS.

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little lamb said...

i really want the domus book ends!!!! great finds!