Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hembest? Hensbest? Henbestie?

a little exaggeration on the Henbestie. from what i've heard/experienced, Henbest is apparently a difficult name to understand or pronounce correctly? Derek warned me about this but i didn't believe apologies D.

yesterday i was speaking with my soon to be principal boss lady - this is how it went:

lady: "now you will only be Miss Wilson for the first 2 weeks of school and then what will your last name be?"
me: "Henbest."
lady: "Hembest?"
me: "no, Henbest."
lady: "oh, H-E-N-S?"
me: "nope, like Hennnnbest...just an n."
lady: "oh, ok! like Hensbest?"
me: "(still without the s...what i wanted to say) like the hen (baak baak...i did make this sound)."
lady: "oh, got it!"
me (thinking): "i'm sure you do lady, i'm sure you do...can't wait to see my teacher badge."

i have a girl friend who's last name is Mereszczak...she is a star athlete - i always felt sorry for the sports announcers when they came to her name. we always knew because they would be chuggin along and all of a sudden there was awkward silence for a minute or five...and everyone in the stadium would become restless and blame the pause on the dumb announcers and their lack of organization. only us members (is it ok for me to say that even?) of the volleyball/track team would know the real reason why....they were trying to say Laryssa's last name. poor girl. poor announcers.

Shoenig, Glaphl, Schreffler - "excuse me mister, how do you spell that?" is appropriate to ask with last names such as these. but Henbest? i assumed it would be as simple as Wilson. i've never had to spell Wilson, ever...surprise surprise. i loved going places with my friend Candice (whom i call Candy even though it kinda sounds like an exotic dancer) when her last name was Gunstream - apparently she got tired of spelling her last name - so she wouldn't even wait for them to ask: "that's Candice Gunstream like gun as in bang bang and stream like stream of water." every time. and it was amazing every time.

i refuse to be this gal, "that's Henbest - H as in house, E as in elephant, N as in Nancy, B as in boy, E as in elephant again, S as in sassy, and T as in toe." i refuse. sooo, i think i will have to follow Candy's example: "that's Henbest like Hen as in baak baak and Best as in you're the best." i might add a thumbs up in the you're the best part. Derek would love that.


.:meagan.rae:. said...

HAHAHAHA YES! this is hilarious!

i laughed really hard!!!!!

Kym said...

Love it! Again you got me laughing.

Dustin said...

I never had a problem with the last name either...geez. You should just make up a ridiculous last name like Farfenheimerhoover....then they will just say..."oh, okay! awesome!"....and there might be an awkward pause...but hey its better than spelling it out :)

Jolleen said...

Love it. Love it. Absolutely love it. Although, maybe when you say the Hen as in Hen as in Bak Bak you should flap your arms. Don't change a thing about best and thumbs up. Perfect. Do it.

naphtali said...

Oh how I can relate! There are a few things I like to do. I have a "story" too for the pronounciation.

Me: "My name's Naphtali".
Everyone: "Nice to meet you Natalie"
Me: "Oh, actually it's Naphtali".
Everyone: "Oh, What? NaPtali...Nastali, Nathali, Natalia?
Me: Naphtali, like in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and LEE. NAFTA-LEE.

OR - My other favorite thing to do is to spell my name, but have a theme of what the letters represent. (This can change daily, weekly or really whenever for me). Example:

Theme: Quality Traits (personal)..
N is for Nice
A is for Amazing
P is for Peaceful
H is for Happy
T is for Tranquil
A is for Adorable
L is for Lovely
I is for Incredible


Theme: Famous People:
N is for Napolean

Animals, Diseases, Species, Fruit, Cars...yes, the possibilities are endless. So, have fun with it.

Don't clue the listener in...just watch to see if they "get it".

Oh the joy of shocking people. Good luck (almost) Mrs. Henbest!

naphtali said...

OMG! My comment was so long! lol. oops.

Tracy Wilde said...

Please Lord, help the name tag be spelled would so bless me by contributing additional laughter...which is quite good for my health and thus makes me a nicer, better person.

seriously...i tried reading it to my parents and couldn't get the words out...i was laughing so hard.

best post of the day!!

marc.herring said...

hilarity. Can I still call you Willy though when you get married? Cuz I mean it like your last name not, like Willy Wonka...unless you where the glasses, then I'll call you Bug. But Willy though? what d'ya think?

and Tal, a long one, but a good one!

katie wilson said...

Dust - you make me laugh.

Jo - you know i won't let you down.

thanks Tal! ha...your comment is quite amazing. i will use those tips frequently.

Marc - Willy 4 Life (ooo...future t-shirt in old English font anyone?)

Wife2Jason said...

I missspelled my Jason's last name the first time I spelled it... but ONLY the first time. I was quickly punished. I have to tell people Thorn, like pokey, ton like heavy. TWO 'N's!! 10 years later, I usually don't realize I'm saying it! Now if my son gets called Gabe one more time........

Wife2Jason said...

Oh and also talk with your hands.... that always helps if you act it out. :)

Jamie and Trevor said...
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Jamie and Trevor said...

side-splitting. You are one funny lady. Welcome to the club. The I-used-to-have-a-really-great-and-easy-last-name-but-look-what-I-married-into club. Love you.
Jamie Lubiens - remember that's Lube as in lubricant, ins as in ins.

katie wilson said...

JAMIE! yours would be my favorite to explain...ha. you little Lubester.

Jolleen said...

Tee hee. My friends are so funny.

shanegrove said...

grove is pretty difficult as well. i known your pain.

Kristen said...

you are so funny! can't wait to see your teacher badge.

my last name, maiden and married, have always caused pronunciation issues. i would have though henbest would be pretty straight forward. i loved your idea for introduction!

::{J}:: said...

Ha, ha! You're cute! Ok, I'm Jennifer. We should meet! I've seen you flyers @ the Flying "M" in Nampa & heard about you at church...{all good of course!} I do so love Etsy too! Didi you know I sell on Etsy? Also I sell my handmade stuff @ Sparrom, aroung the corner from Elyse's Brass Razoo. I have yet to meet someone {in person} who enjoys handmade things as much as I do! Yes...let's definitely meet!! ;)

katie wilson said...

oh wow! i had no idea you sold stuff at Sparrow! that place is adorable. and i'm so glad you've been to The Razoo. i go there at least weekly...Elise is the sweetest. yes, yes, let's meet for sure!

jmae3 said...

No house key? No water ski? Kowasaki like you make motercycles? Seriously people. I was so glad to be done with Nowaski. Now? Wiseman. How hard is it? I've heard 2 or 3 different ways so far. Irritating! And? There is officially another person with the same first/last name now. He's some gaming couch potato who gives MY new name a bad look! ;P At least with Nowaski I was the only one-at least as far as the internet was concerned!
(I wrote this last wk and it deleted before I could post. And well ya know how annoying that is-so I had to cool down. lol)