Tuesday, January 31, 2012


DAY 26:  top left - color.  I suppose I'm known to wear a lot of it.  I just LOVE lots of color...in my house, in my clothes, in my hair (I wish...this summer).  
Dress - c/o Forever 21
Tights - c/o welovecolors.com (the best)
Pearls - inherited from m'mum.  A girl can't have enough pearls!

DAY 27:  top right - lunch.  Pirates Booty.  I know, I know - how boring am I?  You see, I'm not a big lunch eater.  I don't even look forward to lunch.  I mostly just snack my way through it.  This day, it was Pirates Booty - one of my favorite gluten free snacks!  

DAY 28:  bottom left - light.  This is a picture of my grandma's backyard!  Isn't it amazing?  What is even more amazing is that this picture only shows about half of it.  I have had SO many fond memories in that yard.  

DAY 29:  bottom right - inside your fridge.  Can you tell this was the day before grocery day?!  That fridge looks pretty barren to me!  Note that what you can see are pickles, pepperoncinis, pickled asparagus, and jalapenos.  We have a constant supply of those.  

DAY 30: nature.  I took this picture last summer while hiking at our cabin.  I am sure I have said this before a few times on my blog but I'll say it again - I LOVE OUR CABIN.  It is one of my favorite places on the planet!

DAY 31:  you, again.  On the first day of #janphotoaday, the prompt was to take a picture of "you."  As you can tell, on the last day we were also supposed to take a picture of "you" (meaning, me).  Do not be intimidated by my cape, I can assure you, I am no superhero.  

Well, here comes the give-credit-where-credit-is-due-and-pretty-much-my-whole-outfit-is-from-Urban part.
Cape: c/o Urban
Grey leggings: c/o Gap (ya! take that, Urban. you don't own me)
Boots: c/o Urban (gosh I love these boots)
Polka dot hair bow: c/o Target

Good thing I had my cape on! Pretty sure I was wearing an Urban cardigan and shirt. Awesome. What can I say, I love that place.  

Well, that's it for #janphotoaday!  I've enjoyed seeing people's pictures on Instagram this month!  If you don't have this app yet, get it!  Hours of fun!  I'm off to a concert - cheers and a merry Wednesday night to you and yours!  


Jenny said...

I love looking at sets of photos for each day, such a great way to document your surroundings that you never thought were special before.

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katie henbest said...

hey thanks, Jenny! i'll check your blog out!!!

Monika Gangwer said...

Hi Katie. I was looking for your music online & came across your blog!!! I love it! You ARE color, personified!